Join a contest

FanXT Weekly Fantasy games are a collection of 'compressed' fantasy contests, with varying durations each, the shortest being one gameweek. From the Weekly Fantasy lobby page, choose contest you'd like to join by clicking "Enter" based on the entry fee and prize you want - or choose from the free contests for practice or fun. The more games you enter, the higher your possibility to win.

Manage your Weekly Fantasy team

After entering a contest, manage your team to have the best line-up. Be sure to stay within the allocated budget. Prove your fluency of the NFL by choosing players that will serve your fantasy team best, within the duration of the contest.

Watch your points accumulate and win

As the contest starts, you get points that based on your chosen players' performances in the NFL matches. If your fantasy team racks up more points than your rivals' by the end of the contest, you'll instantly get the winnings, regardless of how far away the end of season is - instant prizes!

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