Is this considered gambling?

Fantasy sport (football) is considered a game of skill (not by chance) where users use their skill in order to win in a fantasy game. A game of skill is classified as a game where skill is the predominant factor in determining the winner. The United States Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) specifically defines fantasy sports as a game of skill. As a result, any wagering on FanXT Ultimate Fantasy leagues is not considered gambling and is fully legal.

How do I start playing?

Please click on our How it Works menu to read our simple tutorial on how to play.

Do I need to pay to play

We have 2 different types of contests - free and paid contests. Free contests allow you to play for free but only some contests offer prizes while some don’t offer any prizes. The ones without prizes are meant for you to test your skill in paid contests. Paid contests require you to pay to play but you can win cash prizes.

How do I make a deposit to pay to play to win cash prizes?

When you are logged-in, click on the Add Funds green button on top right corner of the page to deposit your money. We accepts many payment methods.

Are the contests only based on NFL?

At the moment, we are only focused on NFL matches. But we may expand to other football leagues or other sports in the future.

What happens if a contest does not have enough people to join?

We shall cancel the contest and refund your money into your FanXT account.

Am I paying for something?

No, you are just depositing money into your FanXT account so you can enter paid contests. You can withdraw your balance at any time.

What if I don't have a credit card?

If you don't have a credit card, you can transfer your money via Paypal or Skrill.

How much can I win?

It depends on the contest. We run multiple contests based on the NFL where the prizes and entry fees vary. The more you play the more you can win.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw funds from FanXT via Paypal, Skrill, cheque, bank transfer, wire transfer or other withdrawal methods and these requests are typically processed within 24 hours. Please note that some withdrawal methods will incur some fees on your side.

How long does it take to get my winnings?

Winnings are credited to your FanXT account once the final match of NFL for the current round is over, often within 24 hours.

Is my money safe?

Yes, all your money is kept in a bank account which is ring-fenced and kept separate from the company's operational bank account.

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